The Dragon Parade – A Tradition of South Borneo

The Dragon Parade – A Tradition of South Borneo

The Dragon Parade has been indispensable to Banjarese festivals since ancient times. With the spread of Banjarese people and culture all over the world, the dragon parade has been brought to every corner of the world where there are overseas Banjarese gathered. It has become a symbol of Banjarase culture.

What does the dragon symbolize?

The dragon is a symbol of the Banjar people and an important part of Banjar culture. Banjar dragons symbolize wisdom, power, and wealth, and they are believed to bring guardians for the people. Long ago, since hundreds of years ago, dragons were pets of the founding fathers of Banjar culture.

Dragon parades can usually be seen at weddings, cultural festivals, but sometimes individuals or organizations commission dragon parades to bring good luck to their intentions, especially at the opening ceremony of something important.

~ Folks of Borneo

You can see dragon parades in many Banjar cities, but Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency remains the capital of the dragon parade. Hulu Sungai Tengah Regency is an excellent place to expect the chance to see the Dragon Parade.

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