Hyundai is using the robot Boston Dynamics Spot as a plant safety inspector

Spot from Boston Dynamics has a new employment, and thankfully, it does not involve a potential battlefield role. Hyundai has begun testing the robot in a Kia production factory in South Korea, where it will be one of the tools used by the corporation to ensure worker safety. The pilot is the first public partnership between the two businesses since Hyundai acquired a majority share in Boston Dynamics in June.

The Spot in the video Hyundai published appears different from the robot we’ve seen in previous clips. That’s because the automaker’s Robotics Lab outfitted it with what amounts to a backpack that includes a thermal camera, LiDAR, and more powerful processing resources for tackling extra AI tasks. Spot can recognize individuals, monitor temperatures, and check for fire threats thanks to the “AI Processing Service Unit.” Furthermore, a protected webpage allows factory staff to remotely watch the robot and take control if they wish to investigate a certain section of the facility more attentively.

According to Hyundai, the pilot will let them evaluate Spot’s effectiveness as a late-night security patrol robot before deploying it at other industrial sites. Automation, manufacturing, and construction applications are consistent with the automaker’s stated grand objective for Boston Dynamics when it purchased the firm.

Source: Engadget

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